Friday, February 1, 2008

Our Storefront

This is a pic of the Sweet Boutique storefront.
This is the side window of the store.

Inside of the store is bright and sunny most of the time. Today the weather was very gloomy and it started to sleet about 12:00. It changed to rain about 30 minutes later and was steady rain the rest of the time I was there. Today I made some Sweet Scribbles, which is toffee popcorn, Kopper's Milkies, broken pretzels and it is all drizzled with three kinds of chocolate. Yummy! Then I made some dark chocolate and milk chocolate covered graham crackers. These are so good. We call them "Fudgie Grahams" and they are a favorite of our landlady! We also filled about a dozen Valentine Heart Boxes with chocolate truffles. It's fun getting ready for the big day!

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